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9/11, al Qaida, terrorism, Homeland Security, "Dirty bombs" and others are new words in our society that have quickly imbedded themselves into the consciousness of most Americans. Citizens are quickly adopting the notion they are constantly inundated with "nothing will be the same after 9/11"? we have no "choice" but to go along! But, do we?

Are we ready now to allow one "criminal" event (non-state sponsored) to convince us to abandon centuries of principles and common sense, and endorse or acquiesce to a new round of "rules and regulations" in a New World Order setting? Is this reaction truly what is necessary to preserve freedom or will it, as many (including us) believe, serve a few to erase valuable restrictions upon our government, resulting in more abuses of its citizens?

The rights of citizens of each and of the several states are protected by federal and state constitutions from infringement. The rights of "other classes" of people, such as U.S. CITIZENS, are not so protected. The determination of which class you belong to is up to you. The "choice" is voluntary!

In the Social Security Administration's Q&A publication #05-10023, "Social Security Numbers for Newborns", the question is asked: "Must my baby have a Social Security number"? No! Getting a social security number for your baby is strictly voluntary. We can't blame them for not telling us the truth. But are we listening? Do we care? Do we ever consider the long-term consequences of the short-term needs we are usually convinced are important?

Social Security is a "voluntary" system in that no one is required to get a number. However, "programs which use Social Security numbers for control purposes might not allow a person without a Social Security number to participate." (Letter of January 10, 1986 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration) See, "Social Security---The Way Out."

The consequence of this double standard is that the government and its officers can profess allegiance to the Constitution while avoiding its restrictions, by presuming that all people are of the "unprotected" class of "person," and who may be manipulated at will because of a staged event such as 9/11: by congress or by the United Nations, by the President, by "Homeland Security,"? or by whoever? right down to local law enforcement!

As individuals, "don't despair!" they tell us, but our nexuses join us to a type of "New World Order Slavery" that keeps our "foot to the pedal, and our pedal to the metal." Most people are unable to take time to think of the options and choices that are otherwise before us in not volunteering and in not going along with the "status quo." Our choices and options of "un-volunteering" are seldom ever exercised. "They" put a carrot before us and we follow! Minimum-wage people are requesting (demanding) our Social Security numbers? and citizens are handing it over? just as long as they get what "they" want. Today, fictions are manipulating the American mind and pushing the envelope, exploiting the "human rationale." Where are we letting others take us? When do we say no more, and mean it? Was the time then, or is it still now to oppose this modern-day slavery? See, Social Security?"Pathway to Peril?

For many years, individuals calling themselves "patriots" have been researching how and why the government has gotten out of the people's control. Their findings have revealed one core factor: We The People have taken our "status" for granted! While pursuing a life based upon benefits for privileges, we have reduced our vigilance against acts which metamorphose citizens into slaves. The "status" of "The People" has changed.

Most every state has two Constitutions. Find out where to find them; then, read them. If you know nothing else, know the law you rely upon to protect you.

A reading of the US Constitution is also advisable. This restricts the "states" and others from infringing on your rights. The Declaration of Independence may enlighten you regarding the circumstances under which the colonists separated from England. You will see frightening parallels to today; except, instead of opposing a foreign nation, the People of America today should be examining their relationship to the "foreign corporation" called the "United States" government.


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