The Time Was-Or Is Still-Now!
A letter to the citizens of the United States of America

The time was now!?...Was the time then, or is it still now? Once again, I have been called to write to you all a third time, in as many decades. People are now talking about the American Dream in the past tense. Our image as a major world power has once again been seriously assaulted. Our will as a people, and our confidence in our government, is again shaken! Have we been hijacked again or are we just waking up?

No longer can we trust our government to do the right thing--to protect us and keep us safe. (#1) Within less than one year, our confidence in our economy takes a big "hiccup" and in the "blink of an eye," we find ourselves knee deep in wars which, of course, were not even subjects, or issues of our country's recent presidential campaign. We hear our commander in chief define an objective for this war so broad; can it ever be achieved? Or, is that its purpose? Is this our elite's pledge to wage war on any suspect anywhere, paying little attention to matters of culture, sovereignty or international law, and further alienating ourselves in the world of nations? Is this truly what is necessary to preserve "freedom?"

This is not a war against terrorism. This is a war of ideologies and Principles! And what are our principle(s)? How did we become defendants and "victims" so quickly? Have we pawned our virtues and principles over the decades for slaughter at the heels of a New World Order edict? Should other cultures roll over too, and yield to our Government's unilateral dictates? In the alternative, are there principles that are absolute, and complete, which are not just relative and always changing with the climate of people's opinion that should be dusted off and applied now?

What are the long-term consequences to closing doors on accountable citizens' rights to "freedom?" They did not attack freedom; "they" attacked what they believed was the "enemy within." Our leaders cry out for leadership abroad. But, are we reading 'leadership' at home that in fact doesn't exist? Did we win the "cold war" only to set ourselves up and lose "the war" that counts; the "hot" war(s)? We will know who is loosing the "war on terrorism" by which side delays the reporting of it's losses to its 'own.' Our nation is not war ready! Are we truly on higher ground?

Where does our jurisdiction begin and where does it end? What is the principle we are using for our retaliation?..."He/they hit me/us first?" This is an explanation a child is apt to give his mother when she is forced to break up a sandbox squabble. Does it look this way to us because we are not one of them, and if we were one of "them," would we perceive it differently? What is terrorism, but unwarranted violence upon the innocent...? When special interests (politics) screw with international rules of law, and terrorize other cultures, conflict results. If we are not pleased with the "consequences" of our wants, we should consider correcting the causes of our "wants." Are we being diverted from the very principles that would provide long-term security by being "sold" attitudes and hysteria for the benefit of a few? We seek comfort by mocking what we fear. "Attitude," without guidance from sound principles, is a loaded gun in the hands of a child!

Should we use a club to kill the tic(s) on an abandoned dog? Could we injure the dog before we kill the tic? Will other dogs come to his aid? Have we even found the tic(s) we claimed are responsible for this recent tragedy? Desecrating each other's shrines will only escalate the violence and memorialize hurt. Our costs continue to escalate, easily reaching a trillion dollars and beyond in just a few months. And we haven't even found the tic---or have we? The universe is an organism. We live in a closed system. What goes around will most likely come back around! If not in our life time, in our childrens'. It's only a matter of when.

We will not succeed by "thugging" others with our perceptions of right and wrong, for we lack a rudder in the water ourselves. Where are our "higher ground" principles? Have we sold those principles for a potage of short-term benefits and privileges? Do we waste our time and resources politicking over our egos? Are we any longer 'worthy stewards' of our Father's land and wisdom?

Just because we may think we are right, doesn't mean we are. Just because we may be richer, doesn't mean we are wiser. And, just because we may be bigger, does not mean we are stronger. Before we hunt down the "wolf" who threatens our home, we must ask ourselves why our home is under attack in the first place! Human beings are a specie that make all of their choices based upon their perceptions. The foreboding questions; who and what do we allow to skew our perceptions? Where do we go from here? Do any of us care? What other consequences are we due from endorsing "double standards" at home and abroad?

No longer can we trust our elected officials to tell us the truth. (#6) Our perception of our government has certainly changed while we've been struggling to believe in our elected representatives! In 1958, the Institute of Social Research in Michigan, together with The New York Times-with CNN joining them in 1990-have conducted a poll every two years of about sixteen to seventeen hundred people in the U.S. Each time, they asked the same question, "In the time of need, do you believe the government will do the right thing by you?" In 1958, 72% of those responding said "most of the time" and 19% said "always." The numbers have changed in the last 40 years! In 1996, only 17% said "most of the time," and less than 1% said "always." Most civilized countries reach a point of revolution or civil war long before the confidence of the people in their government has reached the low tide that ours has.

As long as "they" get us to recycle our greed, "their" culpability remains hidden and unaccounted for. Where is accountability in America? The stories we have been getting from our government for too many years are something besides the truth. We must develop a sense of what is false. Seeing only what this Administration and others wants us to see, and admitting to our citizens only that which it is forced to admit, is not only a problem for these usurpers, but for each of us. We condemn others for not being consistent and keeping their "word" while we 'excuse' ourselves from having to abide by the same principle. Can we do any better now, than wobble, and flounder in the world of nations and get tough on U.S. CITIZENS?

The disease festers deep within us, for Iran, Iraq-and now Afghanistan-are only symptoms. We can look back on the last 40 years to see the results of this policy of secrecy and distortion. The more the government we elected ignored and stonewalled the sore of Vietnam, the more and more our credibility suffered. Our country still bears the scars that war caused. It seemed like overnight, the United States confessed to a military blunder, misjudgment of a regime and, most importantly, to a philosophy of professing righteousness through deceit. Vietnam succeeded in shaking our nation's very moral "fiber" and seriously injuring and breaking our inherent trust in our government.

When we look at Watergate, we see a similar defeat caused by the stonewall attitude of our nation's administration. Again, in 1979, our leaders told us Iran's revolution was going to be short-lived and Ayatollah Khomeini would fall from power in weeks. The regime of Saddam Hussein would certainly topple under the brutal forces of our Gulf War armies in '91. We proclaimed we had won the war! We even celebrated victory at home with countless "welcome home the troops" parades. Today, Iran remains just as unpredictable and, of course, Mr. Hussein still remains. Just 10 years later, we continue to push the envelope of completing a war we now realize we didn't win. The credibility of what was supposedly right, was later determined to be wrong. Arrogancy usually has its consequences. Is this the path we are insisting to take once again, before we find our rudder in the world of nations? Can our beloved country afford to be wrong again? When will we be right ? When do we learn? Do we care?

How can we remedy this situation? Our "true strength" lies within our ability to live honest and accountable lives. The truth and our desire and innate ability to promote love, health and well-being throughout the world will succeed. But, when we allow our government(s) to be encouraged by "special interests," to hide and distort the truth, only failure will result!

America must right itself with its self and its neighbors, now! Others who control and influence our nation's power must also come forth and tell us the truth. Heads, in the West, will resign. Religions and fictions will collapse on the shoulders of their "false messengers" until We The People get the message, act and turn this 'human tragedy' around! Could it be that Vietnam, Watergate, the Iranian, the Iraqi and now the Afghanistan crises are intricately planned creations of financial and cartel magnates? Or, could it be, we are doing or letting this be done to ourselves? Are the beliefs and attitudes we have created in pursuing our technological wants, now so far removed from the real elements of human rights and love for our earthly brothers, that they are no longer appropriate? And now, will we drive ourselves into an endless swamp of shifting principles and ambiguous and contradictory policies? Is our "pleasure seeking society" preparing our grandchildren to bear more burdens, pay more taxes, and have fewer freedoms?

No longer can we pay corporations to distort the truth. (#2) Where is corporate accountability? Labor and Ownership has become a vehicle for taxation in America and its uses are now generally a matter of privilege. Today, fictions are permitted to manipulate the masses' minds unbridled, and alter the 'self-images' of certain citizens, while predicting their behavior. Other than for greed, where are the virtues and principles that will sustain us in the long haul? Could furthering the relentless pursuit of "capitalism" disguised as a "New World Order" be considered by some as a form of terrorism? There is no sanctity in greed! Was the time then, or is it still now, for citizens to rise above their government's special interests that put the "tax value" of a citizen above the human value of a citizen? Is there still a place for "principle-based leadership" in American politics? Will speed serve us as well? Doors are closing on U. S. CITIZENS and they are not opening soon!

Isn't the time now to hold our representatives and corporate CEO's accountable to the principles of universal accountability? Let us realize once and for all that if, in making a profit, it requires another or our planet to suffer, no "profit" of any kind is realized. Instead, the suffering accumulates like steam in a confined kettle. Sooner or later the greedy profiteer will hear his brother's and planet's cry. Those who come to their aid with respect, caring and understanding will be forgiven for their deeds, but those who deceive, and evade will reap the results of their choices: crime, welfare, illness, endless conflict, even if they are Goliath! The earth will continue to shake and skies smoke, for our planet will too react to the 'cries' and the dis-ease of the afflicted.

Why couldn't we adopt the higher principle of universal accountability which would set the pace for groups and nations to follow, then wage endless wars to preserve our form of "hypocrisy democracy" as our so-called way of life? Those not on board with the 'us' attitude; "If you are not for 'freedom,' you are against us"... are our enemies?! Wow! Are we too blind to recognize that all nation states have mandates to respect each other's sovereignty, regardless of an individual citizen's criminal activities? We have no excuses now! Before "terrorism" we had Principle...and the world looked up to us for our principles! Our enemies have said, "It is not the American people we despise, it is their government!" Could our support for unlawful corporations and the special interest initiatives they promote, be translated into someone else's 'terrorism?'

Achievements in "human rights," domestic or foreign, are materialized through an alchemic process of understanding cultures and the ideologies and principles that support them with reverence for all life. This cultural exchange should not be abused by the special interests of fictions. Have the corporations we created become our brothers' feared despots? Was this their ultimate purpose or has our greed permitted these hungry animals to go astray?

No longer can we trust producers of consumer goods not to endanger us, our planet and our children. (#3) For decades now, we have insisted that manufacturers disclose the ingredients and components in the products we consume and use. But, few of us understand the 'words' and their implications. The mass marketers' of drugs, which but just a few years ago, were prohibited from television advertising, spend more words now on the numerous 'side effects' of their exotic synthetics than on their benefits. Regardless of how they convince us of the 'necessities' we go along with these corporate schemes and look the other way. The effects of these go otherwise unaccounted for by the manufacturers and the doctors that peddle their wares.

In observing the effects of our decisions to acquiesce to public opinion or media hype we can see how we are continually accepting less. Today, few can afford a natural 'vine grown' tomato. Between insecticides and pesticides, the rest of us are left with few choices. Caring for the sick has also metamorphosed into a hopeless disease itself. Hard data tells us one thing-but the rules and regulations in place, to apply to the ill and misfortuned in a cost efficient and confident way, is constantly compromised.

For example, the American Cancer Society publishes a large poster, often hung in Oncologist's offices which reads, "Eat Your Vegetables," and identifies specific vegetables the Society knows cancer patients should eat. Not only are the Oncologists in many regions prohibited (or discouraged) in instructing their patients with these words but, the synthetic drugs they readily provide destroy the natural benefits derived from eating 'your vegetables.' What are we letting others do to us? Do we care?

The policy and so-called principle of what is good for business is good for the nation, etc., is forever flawed. All seems fair in a technologically driven economy, but where is all of this taking us? What are we becoming? What are we letting others make us do to ourselves and to our planet? Given the "rubble" we are leaving future generations to deal with, they will certainly be tempted to look at us with disdain…as a self-indulgent society that left them with unbearable social and environmental "woe."Let us not forget the universe is an organism, our organism! What goes around will come around! Pinocchio did not like being in the belly of the whale! Do we still remember?

As individuals, "-don't despair-" they tell us but, our nexuses join us to a type of "New World Order Slavery" that keeps our foot to the pedal, and our 'pedal to the metal'. Most people are unable to take time to think of the options and choices that are otherwise before us in not volunteering and in not going along with the "status quo." Our choices and options of "un-volunteering" are seldom ever exercised. "They" put a carrot before us and we follow! Today fictions are manipulating the American mind…changing the meaning of our Father's words and pushing the envelope and exploiting the ' human rationale'. Where are we letting others take us? When do we say no more, and mean it? Was the time then, or is it still now to oppose this modern day slavery? Remember, we create our own time!

No longer can we allow courts of law to operate void of responsible jurisprudence. (#8) So what is this new U. S. justice? On what proven principles does it rely for authority? We talk about justice, yet we put a legal system in its place; yet another example of the "double standard" we go along with. Career-bent prosecutors and the "system" are so self-serving, they can't stop and deal with such trivial pursuits as "justice." We talk about 'Rights' but few of us have a leg to stand on. Ask any seasoned criminal defense attorney! The time is now to respond to our higher self rather than our lower self! We must reward accountability - not 'the victim' - at home and abroad! We must nurture abundance through applying universal accountability, not by "punishing!"

To question authority has, in a fortnight, become "politically incorrect." If we are not extremely careful, 9/11 will forever provide our government the excuse at bar to expand abusing its citizens and sell them on all the reasons lawmakers and law enforcement should not be restricted by any constitutions to infringe upon our rights. The more we go along, the more rules and regulations we take with us. According to some estimates, more than six million U.S. CITIZENS are already behind bars in America, and more than 3,700 are on death row. More children, each year, are tried as adults and parents continue to escape accountability. Many must have a prescription just to cope! Others predict these numbers may double in just a few years. Is freedom becoming less healthy? We are becoming less free, because we are always sold the "necessities."

National dialogue is suffocated by prejudgment and materialism so deep, our genetics are altered. In spite of how smart or educated we think we are at times, our culture has been seduced into materialism by greed and a false perception of "ownership". Dumbing and drugging us down distances us from accountability and enslaves us to the very 'body' which was supposed to protect us. Few can or will see into tomorrow, and ask, "-what are the long-term consequences of volunteering, based upon our perception of our short-term needs?" We must be willing to invest the time to understand how and why we think the way we do, and how we let others think for us. A big plan...a big responsibility! ...Was the time then, or is it still now for us humans to adopt a new ideology, "crash proof" our lives and open a new dimension for all mankind. Do we still have "freedom of choice" in America? Can we still say no?

At what point should the people of Egypt have said 'no' to killing the male babies in Moses' day? At what point should the people of colonial America have said 'no' to King George? At what point should the people of Germany have said 'no' to Hitler? At what point do we say 'no' to despots and Royalty in our day, when they take our Constitution, our labor, our property, our children and our dignity by making us dependent upon "fictions," rather than the truth. Although the search for truth in the domains of history and international events is carried on and constantly repeated in endless duels and suffering between the sense of reality of one's ethics of right and wrong, and the inventive and imaginative power of the other, there are no reasons good enough now to continue to 'dumb down' our citizens. We need all the help we can preserve. We cannot spend ourselves out of this crisis! The Time Is Now! Tomorrow will be too late!

No longer can we deny our knowing yet struggle to specialize! (#4) The more we "look," the less we know, it seems. Wisdom is making practical application of what we know but, we must settle in on the prerequisites of "principle-based" policies first; then our 'security' will be embodied in our living without relying on double standards and 'paper tiger' campaign promises. It is not enough to know everything we think we need to know! It will only serve us and others if practical application is made of our 'true knowing.' Security, in part, lies in our ability to be self-sufficient. However, our minds seek security in things, property, in a name, in a characteristic activity, and so on. When we understand the magnitude of these "security blankets," we see how this "set-up" brings insecurity for many.

Once someone moves our cheese, our so-called security can vanish overnight. "Bogeymen" are everywhere! Then, we clutch to the very usurpers who moved our cheese! Real "education" (our learning) only takes place when change occurs in our attitudes, actions, and our way of life. In spite of our common sense and our common law heritage, we continue to focus on minutia and miss the "bigger picture." In specializing, we get adapted to having fewer choices, taking more for granted and getting scared easier. What we do with our fears will ultimately define who we are!

Should we be concerned that "they" (the fictions we have created to rule us) are changing our minds and our behavior? If we can't change the future, we are dead! If we let others change it for us, we are certainly not going to be "free". But, we cannot ignore the past to shape the future! Of what value is anyone's future if it is not connected by acknowledgment and reverence to the past? It is in our genetic code!

In moving forward, we must adopt the "principle of universal accountability" in our religions and commerce: "Accountability" in what and how we take from and leave to mother earth, for the sounds we omit, for the actions we take based upon what we hear and see, and for the consequences of our want(s). We must stop looking at 'our' status quo for the answers! In understanding the "magic" in practicing the principle of universal accountability, our fears will dissipate, and the fruits of our labors will flourish! Instead, doors are closing! Many of yesterday's institutions have either become-or sold out to-special interests. Today, many of these hallmarks are dead dinosaurs masquerading around as giants!

Unfortunately, arguments from facts are seldom able to obtain an apparent victory over skillfully produced opinions. But opinions and attitudes should never be substituted for the "assurance" that comes from careful and principle-based due diligence. Special interests and 'initiatives' have no obligation to constitutional ethics. The "now" generations responding to "fad"--based media frenzies are substituting corporate backed "initiative campaigns" for the safeguards embodied in a "Republican" form of government and are wreaking havoc on citizens' privacy, sovereignty and constitutional protections against "Big Brother" abuses. From history we can find enduring truths! In looking at what we did, and why, we can aquire wisdom, if we choose. Fads are for fans (fanatics)! When do we learn? Do we care? Is our specializing blinding us from our common sense-our genetic knowing? Continued attention to September 11th, 2001 which reinforces fear and anger will deprive us from attending to more important domestic issues; saving portions of our past to preserve our future!

No longer can we burden the accountable, provide benefits and privileges to the opportunistic and breed dependence. (#7) How far have we drifted (or strayed) from the truth and aspirations of our founding fathers? What have we become? Given our apparent current lack of control, what are we allowing others to do to us or with us? Who amongst us cares? Of those, what can any of us do about it? Those who choose not to remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Our grandparents didn't need all these "benefits" to put food on their table and keep a roof over their heads! When do we "wise up" and realize how much we are volunteering and letting others (whose names we never fully count) control our lives, manipulate our minds and pollute our bodies?

When did state Citizens mutate into U.S. CITIZENS? Clearly, slavery didn't vanish with the Civil War...slavery just metamorphosed with the aid of the 14th Amendment, the Social Security Act of 1935 and mutated under the banner of disguising "unlawful acts" as "licenses of privilege." The more Americans have moved toward licenses of privilege, the more we have moved away from a constitutionally based "consciousness." We are behaving like the children we spoil: the more we "rant and rave," the better the chances our mother(ship)-"our government"-will give us our 'cookies' before our meal, before we've earned it the old fashioned way; patience and discipline based on sound principle! The shorter our attention span, the better control they have over us.

Once we were respected in the world, when we were not a debtor nation…when the American family was virginal…and extremely vulnerable. By 1941, there were only 3.4 million Social Security numbers issued in the United States. Those volunteering were mostly wealthy people desiring to give something back to the needy. Keep in mind that the program had only been in existence for 2 to 2-1/2 years, and it had not been doing all that well. However, by December of 1945, there were over 44 million Social Security numbers issued. What was going on in the United States between 1941 and 1945? World War II! It was the American thing to do! Get a Social Security number, and invest in and protect the "American Dream!" Today, it is estimated that over 400 million Social Security numbers have been issued, thanks to GATT and NAFTA. In spite of this unprecedented stampede toward the world of benefits and privileges, the notion that 'Uncle Sam' can help us better than we can help ourselves has ushered us into "slavery," not freedom based on accountability and self sufficiency. Today, "The American Dream" is rapidly disintegrating. We witness the results of this non-constitutional system on our society every day! We have made a mess of the last "New Deal", likewise, who amongst us voted for a "New World Order?"

Income taxes in the first 2-1/2 years were 1%, and half of that was refundable. Today, depending on which state we live in, many individuals are facing nearly a 50% tax rate. When is enough, enough? When do we say no more, and mean it? Today, millions of greedy individuals take advantage of unresisting and trusting citizens and twist situations to their own ends.

The original purpose of the Social Security Trust has vanished. Instead, "U.S. CITIZENS" are tested to the max in an "American laboratory," further expanding a New World Order mold, enslaving more of the young "trusting and what else can we do folks" throughout the world. The Trust's original intent is not compatible with the dynamics of the "New World Order." Something far more "666ish" will most likely evolve under a "New Deal #2" in the not too distant future, if we are not very careful.

So what's the "big deal," you ask? And, more important, what have we become? "Doesn't everyone need a Social Security number?" No! "Isn't Social Security mandatory?" No! "Aren't income taxes mandatory?" No! Our double standards, our two laws, our two currencies, etc., and, within three generations, "our way of life," have created fewer than one person in a gazillion who knows how to live legally without this number!

According to an NBC/Wall Street survey, a growing number of Americans want to opt out of Social Security altogether! In part, the poll says, " a 1979 survey, only 19%, if permitted (excuse me, if permitted?...that's an interesting perception, since it is 100% voluntary), say they would choose to exit the Social Security system and not pay payroll tax at all." But in the new survey conducted in 1999, more than 44% of Americans said they want to opt out of Social Security altogether! Forty-five percent of those surveyed said they are not confident at all that Social Security will be providing benefits when they reach retirement age, while another 35% said they were just somewhat confident. Nearly 70% said that they expected the Social Security system would pay either smaller benefits, or none at all, when they retire.

The architects of these "privilege" plans cover their tracks in part with "welfare." In spite of the appearance of having more than our grandparents did, today it requires nearly three people to sustain a family of four vs. only one person fifty years ago! The "pyramids" get bigger, but the people get smaller and smaller until one day, someone asks, "Who built these pyramids?" "What happened to these people?" "Where did they go?" How many regulations, and how many privileges do accountable people need anyway? Will our "greed" serve us as well? Are our 'self-indulgences' blinding us from another's reality?

When will we exercise the freedom of choice we tell ourselves we have in America? How can we call ourselves really free if we remain dependent on the slave masters' benefits and privileges? We must understand what is voluntary and what is mandatory! Understand the consequences of our volunteering! Understand the catch to licenses of privileges vs. 'licenses of competency.' Any license which is required to do an act, which act is not an act of competency but is an act of privilege, is an act that is otherwise unlawful to the underlying law of the land. The underlying law of Americans throughout our nation's history is the "common law," held accountable to abuses by the constitutions we have ratified. When will citizens take back control from special interests "others" have created? Is it time that corporations rethink their purpose and responsibilities? Their domiciles are secondary to their reach. Stockholders bear ultimate accountability for the greed their servants pursue. Corporate "chickens" will come home to roost!

No longer can we trade our children's liberty for financial benefits. (#11) We create our future with one child at a time. Few children get home from the hospital without a number, least of all make it past their parents' first year's 1040 without being enslaved in a world of greed, manipulation and unlawful taxation. By parents enjoying a short-term benefit-a lifetime "ball-and-chain" attaches to our children. More than $1 million in taxes-is what the system expects from each productive U.S. CITIZEN! We actually volunteer to be enslaved, while looking the other way and not admitting the pollution and chaos which results! Are we incompatible with too much freedom? And yet this perverted activity is "strictly voluntary!"

A recent survey said that in the last 10 years, Americans' family time with their children has decreased by 8.4 hours a week: 8.4 hours less time with our children and families! Do we believe that we are above the evidence? When do we reevaluate the basic values that our country became great with? When do we stop selling our birthright for a potage of "short-term and long-term promises" which always get modified and become something different from what we volunteered for? Do we care about the long-term consequences? Where are we going? Do we know? Do we care?

Taxation should not be based upon greed and unlawful activity, as it has been for thousands of years! Unfortunately, both of these "theorems" are given sanctuary in our society! Instead, governments should collect their revenues based upon the "fallout" (damage) of their citizens' activities, upon themselves and "their environment". The time is long overdue in acknowledging the overwhelming evidence man has unmasked. We must stop the reshuffle of American human inventory around the ruins of the latest "special interest initiative" or tax scheme! As a society, we must stop exploiting ways of avoiding universal accountability. Instead we must, once and for all, recognize and enjoy the natural fruits, which come from living an accountable life.

We have more reason to be concerned about the war at home! Our government is closing doors on us U.S. CITIZENS, and we are lining up like good "sheeple" with support! The Husseins and bin Ladens of the world will eventually be replaced with new characters. But, what is the end game to all this fast-track emergency legislation? The new restrictions imposed upon Americans do not have any expiration dates. What seems to be a benefit or a necessity today can easily be seen by us tomorrow as oppression. The taboos of our time are the ghosts emanating from the double standards we practice in our time. Every era has its "Lord of the Flies!" We no longer have the "cold war." We now have terrorism!

We must not advance these wars! Instead, We The People must stop them. By choosing to withhold our support for the usurpers of our time and their non constitutional policies and plans we..."We The People" can, in a non adversary way, reduce human conflict! Let's look at all people as fruits of one tree, in one orchard; the only orchard of six billion fruits (people) we know of, in the entire universe. But the time to fertilize an orchard is not when you are expecting to eat the fruit. Consistent 'principle-based leadership' is required decades before results can be harvested. Additional rules and regulations are but "damage control" for earlier failed "policies." Let us stop others from benefiting by manipulating our attitudes!

We have reached for our dreams, and made them realities. We have achieved tremendous successes at so many levels of life. We have been born into an age of awareness; awareness of the complicated intricacies of the universe and awe constantly at all of its splendor and glory. Our country has been a light and an inspiration to the world. We've fed the hungry, clothed the naked, educated the illiterate, and tended the needy. With so many accomplishments so quickly in the life of man, let's not lose now!

Let's be square with our enemies, as well as ourselves. Let's take it on the nose and address the facts as they really are, but, at the same time, let us provide all mankind with an example! Then civilizations yet to come will acknowledge that the United States of America and every one of its citizens are candles that light the world and enlighten the universe. They will know that, in spite of our material wealth and the fads we pursue, we are a genuine people, a true people and a people who believe in honesty and integrity, respect and dignity-regardless of our wealth and influence. We must remain united and trusting in the magic of truth! No one is perfect... Everyone must be willing to account for their deeds--whether good or bad--in life, not in or by death! Punishing others will never get us to this end.

Now, let us take this opportunity to unite people everywhere on earth to help in their efforts to rid themselves of the attitudes (diseases) in their society (their orchards). The time is still now! Let's withdraw the curtains from the secret rooms throughout the world, where too often decisions affecting multitudes of people are made for reasons that benefit only a few.

We must make sure our progress benefits all people whom we deal with. We must work to unite all cultures through the joys of living and sharing our earth, not by putting attitude or religion first. By exerting our real energy living and advancing 'universal accountability,' instead of manipulating, pandering and wasting our resources, we shall solve the problems we have created in an equitable distribution of our energy, food and other staples. Thus we will avoid passing unbearable burdens on to others in future generations. In advancing abundance through accountability and 'reverence for life,' we will naturally protect our environment and our universe, and prevent their further decay.

Now with your help, we shall live!

In faith, and in faith in our union, we will remain!

Signature of Eli Mellor, Founder, The Time is Now Institute
Eli Mellor
December 14, 2001
Copyright TTINI 1979, 1990, 2001, 2002

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